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AEG Education provides students with the skills necessary to reach academic excellence. Contact AEG Education to schedule an evaluation for your child today.

About Us

AEG is an educational organization devoted to developing whole child by providing educational services that will benefit their whole life. Since its establishment in 1990s, AEG has grown from an institute focusing on top private school application to a holistic educational organization dedicated to releasing students’ potential in addition to top school and university application.

What sets AEG apart from other educational institute is that here at AEG we provide in-depth educational and personal potential positioning, on the basis of which long term, customized training plan is developed. Through our service, your child will not only acquire leadership skills, develop interests and achieve academic excellence necessary for top private school admission, they would also develop in other areas such as EQ, social skills, public speaking, confidence, creative thinking – qualities necessary for success in 21st century.

Over the years, AEG employed the most advanced education concepts and training strategies. What makes AEG different from other educational institutes is that AEG emphasizes “release your potential”. We believe every student is unique and has the potential to succeed in many ways. AEG boasts an outstanding education expert team and training resources second to none. We provide customized education services to help students discover their own advantages and realize their potential so that they would be successful in study and life.

Our record

  • Above 93% success rate for top private school application
  • Close to 100% success rate for Canadian University application
  • Above 92% success rate for application to universities in US/ Europe/ Asia
  • Above 91% success rate for top graduate school application

Outstanding Expert Team

AEG expert team consists of registered psychologists, certified teachers from public and private school, certified educational consultants, senior top school admission counselor and education experts.

Personal Services

AEG is dedicated to providing services tailored to each student’s needs and treats each one as a unique individual.

Healthy Concept

AEG provides unique educational services to all students and is devoted to life-long learning and growth of the child. That is what sets us apart from other educational institutes.

Outstanding Resources

All our educational resources are carefully selected based on the criteria of BC Education Administration and evaluated by a unique assessment system in order to provide the best educational services and training to our students.