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Director – Ms. Kelly Che


  • Director of Canada AEG Education Services Centre Inc.
  • B.A. from Waseda University, Japan
  • M.A. in Counselling Psychology, Canada
  • Registered Clinical Counsellor (R.C.C.)
  • Senior International Education Consultant
  • Senior Cultural Consultant
  • Only Certified Emily Post Trainer in Canada
  • Guest speaker on radio, addressing educational and psychological issues


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to AEG. We are proud to be one of the leading institutions in Canada to offer the highest quality of individualized education and personal development services from early childhood through to adult. We are also pleased to offer culturally sensitive consulting services for organizations.

At AEG, we believe every individual has the potential to achieve academic and personal success. Likewise, we believe every organization has the strengths to achieve organizational success in a multi-cultural world. AEG helps individuals or organizations to identify their talents and skills. We design programs to optimize the development of each individual’s or organization’s strengths.

AEG helps you to achieve your ultimate long-term educational or organizational goals, personal fulfilment and happiness.

AEG distinguishes itself by offering fully-integrated support services. For parents and their children, independent students or career oriented individuals, we excel in providing personalized consulting, academic and career planning, strategic school admission services, as well as international education services.

AEG is recognized for the services we provide in academic tutoring, coaching and mentoring, psychological testing, and counselling. AEG provides opportunities for training in leadership, etiquette, volunteer work and internship.

Through our culturally sensitive consulting services, we help organizations, with a diverse multicultural staff and client base, to strengthen work place and client relationships. We also offer services for educational institutions who want to improve student recruitment.

I am proud of AEG’s remarkable team of professionals. With their combination of knowledge, experience, and a strong desire to make our clients’ dreams a reality, they enable a wide range of individuals and organizations to achieve their highest goals.

Each time I meet with new clients, I am excited by the prospect of what AEG can do to transform their lives. I welcome the opportunity to meet with potential leaders to embark on what will certainly be a voyage of discovery, success and deep fulfillment.