Unleash the Potential in You

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Achieve Excellence

AEG Education provides students with the skills necessary to reach academic excellence. Contact AEG Education to schedule an evaluation for your child today.

AEG’s Programs and Services Support the Development of a Well- Rounded Leader

AEG offers a wide range of programs and services to help individuals become well-rounded leaders of the world. This process begins in early childhood. We offer programs and services for children as young as two years old to set them on the right path and establish positive life-long habits. At the other end of the spectrum, we offer programs and services for individuals seeking to fulfill their personal and career aspirations and admission to Ivy League or top ranked universities.

We design our programs and services to support each individual’s academic, personal and career goals. AEG’s programs and services demonstrate a high degree of success supporting individuals in their quest to attend top ranked schools. This includes preschool, elementary, secondary school and Ivy League universities. Our goal for each individual is to “unleash the potential in you”.