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AEG Education provides students with the skills necessary to reach academic excellence. Contact AEG Education to schedule an evaluation for your child today.

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AEG hires only the best teachers in their subject area. We hire experienced certified teachers who share a passion for teaching and learning. To help clients have the best and most up to date tutoring services and resources, we provide on-going professional development opportunities for our tutors. We also closely monitor the quality of their work to ensure students achieve the best results.


Our daughter started SSAT tutoring at AEG. Her initial assessment mark was 1600. After one month of intensive tutoring, her mark increased to 1900. Now she has been accepted by Crofton House School. AEG`s tutoring was very effective. Not only did they help her to get a higher mark, but the staff made the admission process smooth. The tutor also worked as her mentor and helped her increase her confidence and motivation, which was of the utmost value to her.


AEG’s tutors are very experienced. A tutor helped my son to increase marks in his Gr. 12 courses and AP courses. Their tutor uses a strategy to increase marks and makes each lesson fun while targeting academic goals. My son is satisfied with his marks in these courses.


AEG’s tutoring services are very different from others. They understand all the factors which may influence or contribute to the best academic results. They motivate my children and help them to build up their confidence. They created interesting learning materials, which helped them have fun learning, while gaining amazing results. My children cannot wait to see their AEG tutors every day.


AEG’s tutors are right-on-target. They understand test-taking strategies and how to help my son to achieve the highest mark for IELTS. After 1 month of tutoring, my son achieved 7.5 in IELTS. The effectiveness of the tutoring helped my son gain valuable time to participate in other activities and volunteer, This helped him to get into the university that he wished to attend.