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Achieve Excellence

AEG Education provides students with the skills necessary to reach academic excellence. Contact AEG Education to schedule an evaluation for your child today.

Gold Medal Coaching & Mentoring

AEG Offers One-on-One Gold Medal Coaching and Mentoring

Our academic coaches work one on one with students to help them set, monitor and achieve realistic academic and personal goals. Coaches focus on students’ interests and special skills, helping them to build confidence and stay motivated. Our coaches help students achieve goals in an efficient and effective way.

Our coaches pay special attention to the challenges faced by immigrant and international students.They take an active role helping ESL students and their parents communicate with teachers and counsellors. When necessary, they attend school meetings with the student and/or parent. They also help the students and/or families become familiar with community resources and involved in their community. The overall goal of the coach is to help the ESL student excel in the Canadian system.

Our Coaches are Educated Professionals

The coaches working with students at the school and university level are certified teachers, school counsellors, registered clinical counsellors or other professionals with Bachelor, Master or PHD degrees. We hire coaches, with extensive training at all levels of the system (kindergarten – university), based upon their unique specialities, interests and talents.

We provide ongoing professional development for our coaches as well as their own mentoring opportunities.

Our Coaches Serve as Role Models and Mentors

AEG works hard to match our coaches with the needs of our students. Our coaches build strong relationships with their students and/or families. They serve as role models and mentors for their students.

Why AEG?

AEG’s coaches keep students focussed and on track, helping them to set and achieve their goals. They provide the additional support necessary to help students resolve issues, in a timely and efficient manner, and to stay motivated.


AEG’s coach helped us understand my son’s performance at school. He coached my son to set up goals and take action toward the goals. My son learned how to manage time and practice self-discipline.

—–Lily W.