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AEG has more than 200 local teachers. AEG hires only the best teachers in their subject area. We hire experienced certified teachers who share a passion for teaching and learning. To help clients have the best and most up to date tutoring services and resources, we provide on-going professional development opportunities for our tutors. We also closely monitor the quality of their work to ensure students achieve the best results.


Star Tutors’ Profiles:

Monica O’Brien

I have a passion for Math and Science and love to share my expertise and enthusiasm with my students.  Since I have a thorough understanding of the BC curriculum from the early grades through to graduation, I am able to work on short term goals while building a firm foundation for the future. I have a patient and encouraging style, and work hard to plan engaging classes that are custom tailored to meet the needs of my students.




John Darby Ramsden

I am a retired teacher and professional engineer with a passion and aptitude for guiding students to achieve their educational goals. I have many years of experience working with young people as a full-time teacher, an on-call teacher and athletics coach. I have a gentle and warm manner, and is well-liked by the students.

I specialize in the Senior Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science and Geology, and also instruct General Science and Mathematics. I hold degrees in Chemistry, Material Science and Education from the University of British Columbia and worked as a professional engineer for fifteen years prior to my formal education training. My experience in the technical business world allows me to bring real life experience to the subjects that I teach.


Nusri Hassam

I am an experienced tutor with over twenty years especially in teaching English skills. In my tutoring sessions, I make learning fun and easy with a variety of left and right brain learning techniques such as mind mapping, memory training and speed reading.  Because each student is unique, I work with students’ passions and interests to integrate subjects in an interesting way. Last but not least, I can tutor high performing and gifted/talented learners as well as students with unique and different learning approaches.


Ian M Van Der Fluit

Learning a new language is hard work, but it is enjoyable if the teacher uses innovative and interactive
methods–that is why my students make quick progress and look forward to their tutoring sessions. For exam prep sessions, I believe a deadline and a mark goal are not daunting but rather motivating and an opportunity to succeed!

I have 12 years’ experience in teaching English and French overseas and in Canada. Since I am fluent in 5 languages, 3 of which I learned as an adult, I better understand how best to learn a language from firsthand experience. I have chosen to tutor because I enjoy giving individualized support to help students build confidence and get superior grades.


Maryan Cerina

I am an experienced K-7 classroom teacher, BC certified.  I have taught in elementary classrooms in BC public schools for over 18 years in Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver, on Vancouver Island and in the Kootenay region.  I have also taught in private English-speaking schools as a classroom teacher in Brisbane, Australia for one year and in Bangkok, Thailand for 13 years.  While in Thailand, I had the opportunity to work as both a classroom teacher as well as a school administrator.  Upon my return to Canada in 2012, I have worked as a tutor to children with English as a second language.  My love of children and knowledge of curriculum make me an excellent teacher and tutor.


Daryl Wakeham

  • Certified teacher of over 38 years in Senior English, Social Studies, History, Drama and Special Education.
  • 25 years teaching experience at St. Georges School
  • Head of St. Georges Personal Counselling Department for 14 years
  • While at St. Georges, helped many successful grade 12 students prepare their Ivy League Application Letters to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, U-Penn, Columbia and others