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Team Members

AEG provides different education services that focus on the life-long education and growth of your child. With our customized educational services, your child will become the elite of 21st century in the most efficient way.

Our expert education team provides holistic education: while improving the success rate of admission application to top private schools, universities and graduate schools in Canada, the U.S and elsewhere in the world, we also focus on cultivating the student’s EQ, Leadership skills, social skills and interests in order to make them the citizens of the world.

Team member profiles:

   Kelly Che

  • Director of Canada AEG Education Services Centre Inc.
  • B.A. from Waseda University, Japan
  • M.A. in Counselling Psychology, Canada
  • Registered Clinical Counsellor (R.C.C.)
  • Senior International Education Consultant
  • Senior Cultural Consultant
  • Only Certified Emily Post Trainer in Canada
  • Guest speaker on radio, addressing educational and psychological issues

   Dr. Gill

  • Senior leadership skills trainer
  • Canadian registered psychologist
  • Over 15 years’ experience in psychological consultation for children and adolescence
  • Provided leadership training to successful business men and famous politicians; expert in EQ training



    Judy Wilson-Neil

  • Senior top school admission consultant
  • Ex-admission director of Collingwood
  • 30 years’ experience in top school admission





    David Darling

  • Over 20 years’ teaching and mentor experience at St. George’s School
  • Former principal of the senior school at St. John’s School
  • BA Hons. in history at Oxford
  • MA degrees at Oxford and SFU
  • Specialist in SSAT, SAT and other standardized tests preparation




   Isabella Chiu

  • Ivy League
    Admission Consultant
  • Major in Linguistic and Computer Science at Harvard
  • Harvard Financial Analysts Club and the Consulting Group member
  • University of Toronto Graduate with heavy DECA involvement



Dale Harding

  • Senior social skills trainer
  • Over 30 years’ experience in social skills and interview preparation training
  • Expert in private school, university and graduate school interview preparation
  • Executive director at Pizzazz International




Sandra Oliveira

  • New York University admissions officer
  • Graduate of Harvard Graduate School of Education and of Boston University
  • University application research officer of non-profit organization
  • Over 10 years’ teaching experience with students of all ages




Cassandra Trujillo

  • Ivy League application essay editor and Yale tour guide
  • Bachelor’s degree in English at Yale University
  • Master’s degree at Harvard University
  • Employee of an education non-profit organization



Leo Ding

  • Graduate of Cornell University
  • Previous intern of Hong Kong international technology company, United Nations, and New York multinational bank, as well as employee of top-tier management consulting firm 




Michael Cai

  • Major in Economics at Cornell University
  • Former varsity swimmer
  • Role model in leadership, academics, sports and passion personal development




 Kathy Qu

  • Master’s candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Education, in Education Policy and Management
  • Bachelor’s degree in sociology at Princeton University
  • Faculty member at the Shad Valley International Program
  • Years’ experience in helping high school and college students to attain academic success