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Private School / University Application

AEG’s private and university application’s consultants, our “wrap around” programs and services produce results. We provide the support necessary – academic, social skill and leadership training – to “unleash the potential in you.” When students reach or exceed their potential, they display the competitive edge necessary to gain admission to a top ranked school or university.

Read to learn more about one of our top school admissions’ consultants. The work of these experts helps students to gain a competitive edge when applying for admission to a top ranked school or university.

Judy Wilson-Neil, a self-motivated educational consultant with over 20 years’ experience, specializes in admissions to top private schools. She most recently served as the Director of Admissions at Collingwood School in West Vancouver. Judy provides enrolment counselling for students – Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 12. Over the past two decades, Judy advised over 15,000 students.

Judy has gained a reputation as a trusted advisor and knowledgeable advocate for parents and students evaluating educational program options. Her personable nature and ability to make clients feel relaxed has contributed to her success in working within multi-cultural communities.

Our top private schools consultants, like Judy, understand the process of admissions. They know the kind of students that will be accepted and how to increase a student’s possibilities for acceptance. Admission experts, like Judy, help students achieve the best possible admission results.

AEG Offers Exemplary Programs and Services to Support Top School Admissions

AEG offers a wide variety of services to support a student’s best chance for admission to private schools (pre-school – grade 12), undergraduate and post-graduate university programs.

The special services we offer include:

  • Psycho-educational assessments, which holistically identify a student’s personal and academic strengths.
  • Customized Educational Planning
  • Tutoring
  • Gold Medal Academic Coaching and Mentoring
  • Leadership Training
  • International Volunteer and Internship Opportunities
  • School Application Services.

Why do I need AEG’s services and programs?

The reality of top school admission is that the majority of applicants are not accepted. The prospect of applying to a top ranked school or an Ivy League university is threatening for many students; consequently, a great number of students never apply. Often they settle for an institution which is not recognized at a local or global level.

Some students apply every year with no success, while others apply for several years before they are accepted. AEG demonstrates a high rate of success helping students gain admission with their first application.

At AEG, we regularly meet with key admissions’ personnel and carefully analyze the admission criteria and interview process at each institution. The strengths frequently identified by students and parents are typical of most applicants; consequently, these do not provide students the competitive edge needed.  Top school admissions’ officers advise us that students require an academic and personal competitive edge that sets them apart from other applicants.

AEG’s top school admissions’ team uses our assessment tools to customize a program which helps students distinguish their academic and personal strengths, setting them apart from their peers.